Augmented reality for the masses

The OmniLens is aimed to be the first of its kind as not only a holographic projector that creates an immersive Augmented Reality environment for the wearer, but also one that actively communicates with surrounding devices to display real-time information about the world.

Integrating Powerful Technologies

Spectrum Networking, Light-Fidelity Techniques (Li-Fi), Machine Learning and Short-Range Triangulation

Innovating Current-Gen Hardware

Micro-Form RC-Batteries, Polarizing Smart Lenses, Short-Wave Transmitter and Receivers

Driven Philosophy

Our vision for the OmniLens is an experience so immersive that once you put them on, it is difficult to put them down.


With OmniLens, the way we interact with others will be upturned on its heels. Users would be able to view Social Media status updates above people’s heads on their displays, see the music they are listening to, actively listen to the environment around the user to detect background music and many more. This also helps to break the ice and potentially improve matching apps in a new and personal way. With the inclusion of Geo-Tagged Bulletin Boards, users would also be able to holographically write messages on virtual walls scattered throughout the world.


Performing on the job has never been easier than before the OmniLens. Artists and creators will be able to paint and design holographic projections of their 3d projects, architects will be able to have a hologram of their buildings and structures, engineers can be shown holograms of the internal workings of their systems and businessmen can be in a conference from the comfort of their own homes. The applications the OmniLens offers to jobs are mind-blowingly endless and we are excited to show you more in the coming months.


Virtual Reality has been the talk of the decade when it comes to immersive gaming, but what about the idea of playing in the physical world around you? The OmniLens does just that, allowing developers to create games that adds an extra dimension to the physical world and to immerse gamers in a way that has never been fully realized before. Holographic projections of enemies, collectibles, bullseye targets can be scattered throughout the world for users to interact with. This also allows for on-the-go multiplayer with others in the vicinity according to the design of the game.


Hassle-free travelling is a key goal in the design of the OmniLens. We understand that in today’s world, people need to be able to get to places fast, efficiently and with very little margin for error. In that regard, we are designing the OmniLens to be able to mark out routes for the user leading to their intended destination, real-time information of their travel on public transit be it on the subway, the bus or by cab, and also adaptable enough to alert the user when it is time to transfer or when they are about to miss their pick-up. Hopefully this would allow for much safer and conducive travel experiences for the user.


With OmniLens, we wanted to enhance the experience of shopping for the user. The device is capable of interacting with stores to find out their inventory and promotions. Shopping can be as easy as walking in, searching for the user’s product and informs him/her where in the store it can be found. Restaurant bookings also take a step further as users can be alerted to their reservation when an outlet is overbooked, and much more.

Prototype Demo

Kindly contact us if you are interested in getting your hands on our prototypes and to experience our demo applications on the device.